About WLF

The Women Literacy Foundation supports literacy among women in challenged life situations.  We support English literacy practices and foreign language development skills in all our participants.  We partner with local communities to run a variety of events and programs to cultivate literacy, and inter-cultural exchange among women.  We believe every woman deserves to succeed.  Literacy is one key to make it happen.

WLF is the only literacy program that leverages the power of community and cultural relationships to build the key language and literacy skills women need to take on the world.  Women in our program are given the tools to develop their English language proficiency, in reading, and writing, for native speakers.  ESL and conversation sessions are offered for those whom English is not their first language.  Every woman who joins WLF is also encouraged to learn a foreign language with us, all of which are offered free of charge.  The common goal is to contribute to language and literacy skills.

Acceptance to our literacy and foreign language programs require no prior academic achievement.  All it takes is your desire to learn, grow, and succeed.

For class schedules please email Info@WLFDallas.org



Volunteer With WLF

All it takes is the desire to make a difference, and you.  Use your skills to change lives by volunteering as an English or foreign language partner.  Our volunteers aim to cultivate literacy and foreign language skills among the women we serve.  WLF is a foundation for the future.  We invite college students and community volunteers to join us and help cultivate a life-long love for literacy and cultural exchange through foreign language skills.  Other than a foreign language or literacy partner, you can volunteer in many different ways.  Fundraisers, events coordinator, jewelry and bake sales, and benefit run/walks.

Get involved today!



Donate For A Unique Cause

Together, we can close America’s literacy gap and give every woman the tools she needs to live full lives and make our world a better place.

Your gift supports our year-round literacy program, providing every women the support they need to be successful and ready for life. Our donors have helped us deliver the gift of literacy to the women who need it most, giving them the skills they need today for a brighter tomorrow. You can help us reach our goal.  Our vision is that every woman has the ability to speak, read, and write English, along with another, foreign language, if she so chooses.


Please email Donations@WLFDallas.org with any questions or for more information, including fundraising events.

Make a difference now. Make it count forever. Donate to WLF.

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